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Manor Farm Barn

Prom Dresses - Evening Dresses - Wedding and Funeral flowers

Manor Farm Barn, Angram, York. YO23 3PA

About Us

Our Mission

1. To provide a quality service and products that will meet the need of our clients.

2. To help engage and empower each other to deliver a lasting relationship with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through exceptional service, professionalism, integrity honesty and fairness.

3. To work to the highest level of quality services and fair and market competition.

4. To continually improve our standard of service through clear responsive communication.

5. To maintain a work environment that encourages and acknowledges exemplary service.

6. To ensure the longevity of Manor Barn York through repeat and referral achievement by delivering earth shattering customer service.

Our vision To cherish beauty and style and transform women's lives by providing an amazing and unique buying experience,products and service.

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Hitting 50!! Really!!

Suddenly one day, out of nowhere and quite unprepared they turned 50!

Kathrine and Louise had both loved the earlier decades, but realised they had rushed through them feeling insecure, unfocused and less happy about the way they looked and the way they lived their lives.

Kathrine an Occupational Therapist with Social Services for 15 years, decided after quite a few years juggling this and working with flowers and plants, that now was the time to concentrate on building her own business.

“I decided I needed to look at the way I lived my life” said Kathrine, “so I decided last year was the time to retire from Social Services, and I am now embracing full time with my business and enjoying life so much more”.

Likewise Louise spent 20 years driving a desk in the corporate world, while raising a family and building her business Vavavoom Boutique.

“I simply didn’t want to think now I’m 50 my life is over, women in their 50’s are often invisible and I like to think by hitting 50 I am beginning the second half of my life” said Louise “I could not be happier right now”

Quitting a job or career is not something either women took lightly, “but sometimes you just have to go cold turkey and take that leap of faith” said Louise

“Cowering away just because you are 50” added Kathrine “is just so wrong, while turning 50 is a jolt, it does make you think......but I now feel happier in my own skin than ever before”.

Both Kathrine and Louise run their businesses from The Manor Barn in Angram, and share the website. As soon as they met they realised they had more in common than simply juggling a day job, comparing stress levels and wrinkles, raising a family and building a business.

They have some exciting joint projects planned this year with Alternative Bridal designs for Fashion City York and creative ideas for York in Bloom.

"We are so lucky to live in the beautiful city of York which creates lots of opportunities for us, some of us even 50 and over!" 

 Kathrine & Louise

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