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Artisan Wedding Barn

Prom Dresses -  Evening Dresses - Off the peg Wedding Dresses 

Wedding and Funeral flowers

Manor Farm Barn, Angram, York. YO23 3PA

Meet the Team

Louise Micklethwait

Her Job:- Owner and creator of Vavavoom Boutique and The Alternative Bride Boutiques

Likes:- Sunsets, getting things done quickly, pushing boundaries one at a time oh and I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

Dislikes:- Organised chaos, suffering of all kinds and ice cream it's just too cold (Yuk)

Why I work at Artisan Weddings:-

So back in the corporate world many moons ago, I was told I was an excellent motivator of people and great leader, I love The Artisan Barn because I surround myself with like minded fun loving people who share my vision

So one at a time at the Artisan Barn we are pushing the traditional wedding boundaries aside promoting, encouraging and supporting diversity which is both demanded and much needed in the wedding industry.. 

Keith Armstrong

His Job:- Web Master, responsible for website, Newsletter and other stuff in the background.

Likes:- Fish & Chips, Whisky! & Barbados

Dislikes:- People downing Gt Britain, we are the best!

Why I work for Artisan Weddings:-

A pleasure to work for this fantastic new company, going places & filling a gap in the wedding market. Its a real pleasure working with professional and experienced people.

Ellie Micklethwait

Her Job:- Model and bringer of chocolate

Likes:- Travelling, education, bath bombs and all Chocolate, except raisins coated in chocolate, that's just a waste of chocolate.

Dislikes:- Socks with bobbles on the sole, sticky hands, paper cuts and spiders with long legs.

Why I work at Artisan Weddings:-

Its an amazing fun place to be I love it.

Kathrine Armstrong Bisson

Her Job...........



Why I work at Artisan Weddings.......